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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, are some of our most frequently asked questions from Judgment Creditors just like you.

What is Judgment Recovery?

Judgment Recovery is the process of transforming an order of the court into cash or its equivalent. Once a Judgment has been issued by the court it becomes a tangible asset and an item of personal property. It is fully transferable upon assignment.

What is Judgment Assignment?

Judgment assignment is when you assign your Judgment to a third party. This action essentially transfers all the ownership and rights of the Original Judgment Creditor to the third party. This transfer of ownership allows the third party to legally pursue enforcement of the Judgment.

What is Judgment enforcement?

Judgment enforcement is the process of utilizing the tools provided by the legal system (statutes) to demand and compel payment from the Judgment Debtor.

Text/Phone/ Fax: 1-800-507-3613

What is Judgment evaluation?

Judgment evaluation is the process of determining if a Judgment is enforceable or not. For example, if a Judgment has been discharged in bankruptcy court it cannot be enforced or recovered. If a Judgment has been vacated (ruled to be invalid) it cannot be enforced or recovered. These are only two of the reasons that a Judgment might not be enforceable.

Why assign my Judgment to you when I can enforce it myself?

Enforcing a Judgment is hard work! It is time consuming and can be expensive. It takes knowledge of the statutes, the court system, dedication, patience, persistence and the ability to work through a maze of issues. In fact, if it was easy, you would have probably already done it yourself…..right?

You see, we have no idea whether or not we can recover the debt prior to our purchase. However, we do have the legal and financial resources to aggressively pursue the debtor. The enforcement of a Judgment may include additional attorney fees, levy and/or garnishment fees and process service fees. Of course, before you bear these additional enforcement costs, you must first locate the debtor and their assets; which also costs time and money.

What percentage of the Judgment do I get to keep if it is successfully recovered?

Usually around 50%. That is the going rate in the industry, and, with a few rare exceptions, most of our customers are gleefully excited with the prospect of getting a return of 50% of something as compared with 100% of nothing! There was a particular instance of one customer who owned two Judgments totaling more than $5,000.00 plus accrued interest of almost 10 years. It seemed so hopeless to them that they had forgotten they even owned the Judgments until they were contacted by us. They didn't even know that the Judgment Recovery industry existed and were just about delirious at the thought that they might finally recover some of their court awarded money.

Can't I just use an attorney to enforce my Judgment?

YES! You can....if you are willing to pay a large retainer, which is usually based on the attorney’s hourly fee of about $125 to $250 per hour. Most attorneys do not have expertise in the recovery and enforcement of court awarded Judgments. In fact, many will refer their clients to a Judgment Recovery Professional.

Do I have to pay for the expenses incurred for recovering my Judgment?

NO! Our service is designed to cost you nothing up front (except, in some situations, an outside notary fee). Even this fee will usually be covered in our immediate payment to you to purchase your Judgment.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. We examine every available enforcement option to recover Judgments because if we recover pay nothing!

Is there a statute of limitations on enforcing my Judgment?

Yes. Depending on the state in which your Judgment was entered, it could be between 5 to 20 years (depending on which state you live in). However, a Judgment can be renewed for another period of time equal to the original statutory limit if this petition is filed prior to the expiration of the original time limit. Sometimes the older the Judgment is, the more relaxed the debtor has become in hiding their assets and the enforcement of that Judgment comes with much greater ease.

What types of Judgments and debt do you buy?

Currently, Impact Judgment Recovery purchases Small Claims Judgments of $400.00 or more, Civil Court Judgments, and, other debt portfolios.In addition, we offer a no-cost/ no-obligation case assessment to determine if the Judgment meets certain requirements to qualify for purchase.

Allowing the Judgment you own to continue to simply sit and collect dust is comparable to sitting on an egg full of cash just waiting to be hatched. Don't procrastinate any longer!

Put the "Impact!" to work for you! Allow our network of knowledgeable and experienced specialists and professionals to help you to incubate and crack open that cash egg!

You've already invested the time, energy and money to have a Judgment awarded to you. Why let that investment go to waste when there may be a very good chance for you to finally receive the monetary compensation which motivated you to "take 'em to court" in the first place?

After all it really is... your money!

Here at Impact Judgment Recovery we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Did you know that:

An Astounding 75-80% of All Judgments Are

NEVER Recovered!

Text/Phone/ Fax: 1-800-507-3613

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