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Need Help Recovering A Judgment?

Welcome to Since you've landed here, you probably own a Judgment and don't have the time, knowledge or resources to recover it. As Enforcement specialists, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to locate a debtor's assets, then use the tools provided by the legal system to seize them and compel the debtor to pay up.

Our Judgment Recovery services consist of some of the most effective methodology combined with the knowledge and professionalism of experienced investigators. We are trained professionals who specialize in Judgment enforcement and recovery. Simply put, we work extremely hard to satisfy Judgments because our compensation is based on only a portion of whatever we are able to recover. If we recover nothing...You Pay Nothing! Up to this point your Judgment award hasn't been worth the paper it's printed on. So.... what have you got to lose?

There is a statute of limitations on the enforceable life of a Judgment. It can vary from 5 to 20 years; depending on the state in which the Judgment is awarded. If you fail to act on your claim in a timely manner, it may expire. A Judgment can be renewed in most states, if, it is renewed before it expires. Don’t let the hard work and time that you’ve already invested into winning your Judgment award go to waste.

We enforce your legal right to be paid the money awarded to you by the courts without having to pay any additional out of pocket expenses for litigation.

We offer:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Judgment Evaluation
  • Judgment Assignment
  • Asset Search
  • Judgment Enforcement
  • Judgment Recovery

Text/Phone/ Fax: 1-800-507-3613

Did you know that:

An Astounding 75-80% of All Judgments Are NEVER Recovered!

There are many reasons for this astounding statistic but the primary one is this: most Judgment Owners don't believe that they are ever going to see a single dime of their money! Therefore, as a direct result of this pervasive belief, they do not take action. Even those few who are moved to take action may lack the knowledge of which actions are appropriate to take and when to take them.

The court has already ruled in your favor and awarded you a Judgment for Money. At this point you probably thought the check was literally "in the mail" and all was good. Then you found out that the court was done and you were on your own.

On a national level there is the Drug Enforcement Administration. There are Police Officers at all levels of government to perform law enforcement. There are Child Support Enforcement agencies. But....there is no agency provided by the government to enforce Judgments! Your Judgment is merely a claim until it is enforced!

That's Where We Come In!

Did you think that the debtor/defendant would have enough of a conscience or enough respect for the law to make good on their contractual obligation to pay up? Did you think they would be concerned enough about having a negative mark on their credit report to pay up? Yeah? Well......

IT HASN'T HAPPENED!! And it's not going to happen unless you take some action.

It's Time To Take That Action!

Impact Judgment Recovery will help you to add value to that "worthless piece of paper" that's been gathering dust for so long and transform it into the financial compensation that you were expecting at the time that you first initiated your lawsuit.

You see, the courts job is to allow you a means of filing your original complaint, and, to have the facts heard and presented in front of a judge who makes a decision, based on the facts presented, as to who owes the debt. Once this decision is made, Judgment is entered and the courts job is done. The court may provide a forum for the debtor to make payments on the Judgment through the court clerk, but, and please remember this well.....ultimately, the responsibility for enforcing the Judgment lies with the winner of the lawsuit, who now becomes the Judgment Creditor, not the court.

A Judgment Creditor has the legal right to levy on bank accounts, garnish wages, seize money from other parties who may owe the debtor (such as tenants,employers and business associates) and place liens on or seize personal property, and, force a sale. All of these procedures are carried out with the legal enforcement tools that exist within the statutes.

We Are Not A Collection Agency!

Primarily, collection agencies are hired to pursue prejudgment debt. Their methods consist mostly of letters and telephone calls. In most cases the letters that are sent are computer-generated, and are often in a standardized series which starts with a friendly "reminder" note and may build up to ultimatums. The letters are standardized and sent to many debtors.

These letters will always encourage the debtor to call the collection agency on the phone. If the debtor doesn't call, then a collector will often call the debtor to ask questions and, more often than not, to intimidate them with veiled threats of legal action.

In fact, more than a few collection agencies have been sued and taken to court as a result of their heavy handed tactics, harassment and violations of collections policy.

Here at Impact Judgment Recovery we only work with post-judgment debt. We utilize the powerful enforcement tools provided by the legal system and we never have to make any personal contact with the debtor unless we choose to do so.

You can rest assured that every legal strategy available will be used to get the results you deserve. Because if we recover nothing.........YOU PAY NOTHING! We will purchase your judgment for a nominal amount. That's right! We are going to pay you for the opportunity to attempt to enforce your Judgment! We will then compose, complete and file an Assignment of Judgment document with the court to give us the legal right to investigate the Judgment Debtor. It also gives us the right to take full advantage of every legal, post-Judgment, enforcement remedy made available to all Judgment Creditors via the statutes.

We're here to help. What are you waiting for?

Text/Phone/ Fax: 1-800-507-3613

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